I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team of employees for their effort to provide the Alberto Culver Company top notch service. As one of the main core carriers for Alberto Culver, our expectations are set high and your team consistently exceeds those expectations. Over the past 30 years of service, your Company has consistently demonstrated the “can-do” attitude necessary to achieve the transportation results needed in today’s marketplace. I hope you will be hauling our freight for many more years to come!

Please pass along our thanks and gratitude to the entire CKR team, for helping make Alberto Culver the successful company that we are today.

Wes Walker
Manager, Traffic & Transportation
Alberto Culver Co.

For the last 15 years you have serviced Waddington Jaycare efficiently and professionally. Many times CKR has taken the extra step to help us service our customers on time. CKR drivers are polite and professional. They are a pleasure to work with and we know they will treat our customers with the same politeness they display at Waddington Jaycare. The business relationship we have built over the last 15 years I know will continue. I would like to thank the entire CKR organization for the extra effort they have given Waddington Jaycare through the years.

Waddington Jaycare
Danny Wiggins
Shipping/Warehouse Manager

In the seven years that L. Craven & Sons has been doing business with CKR, your dedication to service and seamless adjustments to our quick changing needs has been the pre-eminent aspect in our business relationship. The effort made by you, your staff and your divers have helped on numerous occasions to protect and even foster, stronger relationships between our vendors, our customers, and us. The patience, persistence and ingenuity CKR has displayed on our behalf have been most helpful and appreciated.

All of us at L. Craven & Sons look forward to many years of doing business with such a professional and accommodating partner as CKR Transport.

Ira Lefkowitz
V.P. Operations/Logistics

To Howard Schermerhorn and the CKR Transport family,

Having completed 20 consecutive years as “shipper” of World’s Finest Chocolate (WFC) I wanted to take the time to write to you and reflect on a business relationship that now exceeds 15 years.

Although I was fairly new to the “freight game” when we began discussing pricing, lane coverage and load bookings, I had enough experience with various carriers, many of whom, it turned out, were not worthy of handling our product, to distinguish and identify a carrier that would provide WFC with quality service and reasonable pricing. I can look back and laugh at bookings that didn’t get a load moved or the quotes that didn’t bill the same, as discussed, knowing it takes those lessons learned to recognize a good “player.” I take pride in the fact that I was able to get things rolling with you back then and was able to quickly establish an excellent business relationship.

I sensed from the beginning that putting CKR on a load was an act of solving the problem and accomplishing my mission. Throughout the years of doing business, despite the changes in my business models, customers, even employers, I could always call CKR Transport and expect a high quality of service with integrity.

CKR Transport continues to represent to me a trusted source of freight coverage; an invaluable resource of knowledge on transportation specific issues and fair pricing. Your ability, Howard, has been a unique experience and one that has provided me great value. Nobody I know looks at our business quite the way you do and you’ve been very generous with sharing a wealth of knowledge. When it’s been time to act quickly and respond to an almost “too late” request for coverage, most often times you would “switch things around,” bailing out everyone involved with getting WFC to market.

I’ve often said that I’ve routed freight “from the gut” and CKR Transport has always given me and continues to give a good “gut” feeling. Keep up the fine work that you and your team do and I can only hope, with all sincerity, to continue to be a valued customer to CKR.

Best Regards,
Tracy Rosenstiehl
Distribution Manager/Logistics
World’s Finest Chocolate

Dear Noble Schermerhorn,

As the Medinah Shrine year comes to a close, I wish to send you my very special thanks to you and CKR Transport for your contribution in making 2012 a success.

Over a year ago, I accepted your offer to review our freight operations from our Vidalia Onions project. Your analysis and subsequent bid to provide these services to Medinah at a significantly lower rate ended up saving our Nobles over 19% in our shipping costs for this year's project. I, my Divan and our Nobility all appreciate the $1,450 savings which went straight to improving our bottom live on this successful project.

It is my sincere hope that Medinah continues to utilize the talent and expertise of Nobles like you to improve our operations and thus, our mission.

Warmest personal regards and
Yours in the Faith,
Steven A. Schenk